Auntie Bushka’s Homemade Hemp Salve

Bushka Bryndova, 21.08.2005

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Cannabis can be used for the fabrication of various medicinal preparations. One of the most powerful hemp preparations is the hemp salve. Its efficiency was proven already in the 50s at the Olomouc University Hospital, where Prof. Jan Kabelik carried out his famous research on the antibacterial effects of cannabis indica.

About the history of hemp salve

One of the hospital pathologists cut his finger during an autopsy, bacteria resistant to antibiotics infected the wound and it seemed that an amputation was going to be inevitable. Then someone had the idea to ask for help Prof. Kabelik, who was known for his research on the medicinal use of cannabis. He applied his hemp salve and two days later the wound was already healing and the amputation was avoided.

Inspired with traditional medicine and Kabelik’s experiments, seven years ago I started to manufacture my own hemp salve. I used Vaseline as a salve base because it is better supported by people suffering of allergies than lanoline or other animal fats, although it is not as well penetrating as them. After years of research and experimentations with different fabrication procedures, I finally obtained a preparation with very satisfactory effects and after another years of testing I could be quite sure that my recipe using double extraction (alcohol fermentation + fat) was the right one. The preparation following this homemade recipe is lengthy – 5 weeks, but it is certainly worth of the effort.

Due to the fact that in my country is the preparation of medicines on the basis of cannabis illegal, it was not possible to make any official analyses or clinical experiments. So I had to collect the testimonies of my friends and many other persons, who over the years used this salve for the treatment of their diseases and health problems. The hemp salve is a universal healing preparation with multiple effects. It is combining the effects of an antibiotic ointment with the effects of a salve efficiently relieving arthritic and rheumatism pains. Among others, it has proven to be extremely efficient for the treatment of burns (even of 2nd degree), certain types of eczemas, psoriasis and fungus. You will find the complete list of diagnoses successfully treated with my homemade salve here under. Just pay attention to one thing – the salve should never be used on fresh bleeding wounds!

Some healing or relieving effects of the salve

  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • analgesic effects
  • relaxing effects on muscles and other body tissues
  • muciparous decongesting effects
  • regenerative effects on body tissues

Which diseases the salve heals or relieves as a complementary medicine

  • all kinds of superficial wounds, cuts, acne pimples, furuncles, nail incarnations, corns, certain nail fungus
  • ragged commissure of lips, fever blisters, herpes
  • certain types of dermatitis (including atopical) and psoriasis
  • rheumatism and arthritic pains (up to the 2nd degree of arthritis)
  • torticollis, back pains, muscular pains and cramps, sprains and other contusions
  • phlebitis, venous ulcerations
  • hemorrhoids
  • menstruation pains
  • cold and sore throat, bronchitis
  • asthmatic problems with breathing
  • chronical inflammation of larynx (application in the form of a Priessnitz compress)
  • migraine, head pains

Recipe for the preparation of my homemade hemp salve


White or yellow (non-refined – better for allergies) Vaseline, leaves and lower buds of cannabis, optionally a pinch of mint crystals or 0,1 l of hempseed oil.


For 1 kg of Vaseline it is necessary to use 100 g of dried leaves and 50 g of lower buds


1. melt one half of the Vaseline in a larger pot

2. add roughly crushed leaves and let them slowly fry during 20 minutes

3. after cooling the mixture pour into the pot 4 liters of water

4. bring to the boiling point and slowly cook during 90 – 120 minutes

5. let it cool and put it into the fridge overnight

6. take out the fatty cake and press it in order to eliminate the rests of water

7. spread the cake into a wider recipient, cover it and let it ferment during 3 weeks in a dark place at room temperature

8. again put the mixture into a larger pot, add the other half of Vaseline and melt it

9. slowly cook the mixture until the disagreeable smell of fermentation disappears

10. drain it through a strainer and pour the resulting light-green colored liquid into a recipient immersed in a water bath

11. add finely crushed lower buds and cook in the water bath during one hour until a light skim forms on the surface (don’t forget to stir frequently)

12. let it cool and store it for 1 week in a dark and cold place

13. repeat the cooking in water bath and put the recipient into a cold place again for another week

14. melt and cook the mixture as in the precedent point, drain it first through a kitchen strainer and after through a fine canvas (do not throw the canvas with the drained buds, store it into a freezer – it can be very efficiently used as a warm compress in case of asthmatic problems, bronchitis or joint pains)

15. the salve is now ready to be poured into small cups if you want to use it pure – otherwise you can improve it with a pinch of mint crystals (for muscular and joint pains) or with 0,1 liter of virgin hempseed oil (for dermatologic problems)

Pure or mint salve may be stored in a cold place, but they do not deteriorate for at least 6 months even at the room temperature. In the contrary, the salve with the addition of hempseed oil needs to be stored in a cold place and should be used within 6 weeks.